Gas Furnaces & Heat Pumps

Superior Gas Furnaces and Heat Pumps

If you’re in the market for a new heating system, contact Schwabel Heating & Air Conditioning Inc for a reliable and efficient Carrier gas furnace. Choose the system best suited to your home, budget, and needs.

Infinity® Gas Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Carrier’s Infinity® Series gas furnace with Greenspeed™ intelligence features efficient, adaptable-speed technology.

The Infinity® 20 heat pump gives you precise heating and cooling, tremendous comfort, quiet cooling performance, and amazing energy efficiency. 
All of the Infinity® Series heat pumps are part of an intelligent communicating system. All models and sizes have earned the Energy Star® rating:
  • Infinity® 19
  • Infinity® 18VS
  • Infinity® 16
  • Infinity® 15 – 25HNB5
  • Infinity® 15 – 25HNH5
The Infinity® 96 gas furnace runs in low stage up to 90% of the time. It’s quiet, energy efficient, and offers better temperature control.
The Infinity® 80 gas furnace boosts cooling system efficiency and improves summer dehumidification. 


Performance™ Furnaces, Heat Pumps

The Performance™ 96 gas furnace is supported by the Performance Edge® thermostat and a variable-speed blower motor. You’ll love the increased comfort it offers! 

The Performance™ Boost 90 gas furnace uses Ideal Humidity® System and SmartEvap™ technologies to aid in the dehumidification process. 
The Performance™ 90 model periodically stops the multi-speed fan while in “constant fan” mode to reduce re-humidification by up to 10%.
Carrier’s Performance™ 80 model is best for areas with milder winters. The variable-speed blower aids other components and can boost air conditioning efficiency.
The Carrier Performance™ Boost 80 gas furnace has the perfect balance between budget limits and the need for a better comfort heating solution. ComfortFan™ technology lets you choose fan speeds in “Constant ON” mode from a compatible thermostat.
The Performance™ Series of heat pumps are flexible and highly efficient:
  • Performance™ 16 – 25HCB6
  • Performance™ 15 – 25HCC5
  • Performance™ 13 – 25HCB3

Economic™ Comfort Heat Pumps

These models offer summer dehumidification and air conditioning as well as cold-weather heating performance:

  • Comfort™ 15 – 25HBC5
  • Comfort™ 14 – 25HCE4
  • Comfort™ 13 – 25HCD3